9 Signs of 'Screen Addiction' in your Kids

Almost every parent stresses about how many hours their kids log on their tablet, smartphone or TV each day. But according to a 2017 study, the amount of time a kids spends on a screen isn't actually as important as how dependent the kid is on the screen.

Spending too much time in front of a screen has been linked to a lack of sleep, speech delays and poor social skills. But research out of the University of Michigan has found that the bigger issue "is whether screen use causes problems in other areas of life or has become an all-consuming activity," says the study's lead author Sarah Domoff, assistant professor of psychology at Central Michigan University.

The study doesn't specify how many of these warning signs your kids has to exhibit to have an addiction-or what to do of they do, in fact, appear to have an addiction. But if your kid checks off more than a few of these boxes, the it might be time to re-evaluate how screens are being used at home and to make an effort to wean your little ones off of screens before the dependency does damage.

Here are 9 signs of 'Screen Addiction' in your Kids:

Credits: Today's Parent | YT Channel
1. Unsuccessful Control:
It is hard for my child to stop using screen media.

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2. Loss of Interest:
Screen media is the only thing that seems to motivate my child.

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3. Preoccupation:
Screen media are all my child seems to think about.

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4. Psycho-social Consequences:
My child's screen media use interferes with the family activities.

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5. Serious Problem Due to Use:
My child's screen media use causes problems for the family.

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6. Withdrawal:
My child becomes frustrated when he/she cannot use screen media.

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7. Tolerance:
The amount of time, my child wants to use screen media keep increasing.

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8. Deception:
My child sneaks using screen media.

Credits: Today's Parent | YT Channel
9. Escape/Relieve Mood:
When my child has had a bad day, screen media seem to be the only thing that help him/her feel better.

"Kids who use media in unhealthy ways have problem with relationships, conduct, and other emotional symptoms." Domoff says.

Credits: University of Michigan | Website

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