7 Early Warning Signs Of Brain Tumor You Shouldn't Ignore

The worst thing about a brain tumor is that it is diagnosed at a very late stage. Mostly because people ignore the vital changes in the body, that are actually the early signs of brain tumor. Any cancer, including the brain tumor, can be treated only if it is diagnosed at an early stage.

Researches show that there are more chances of survival if a tumor is diagnosed at an early stage and treated accordingly. So in this article, we'll tell you all the "warning signs of brain tumor" you should not ignore at all.

1. Changing Headache

Headache, including migraine, is a common problem in a world full of noise pollution and increasing stress. Then how do we know if the core issue behind a headache is a growing brain tumor?

If the headache doesn't get better with medication and home remedies, hurts more in the morning as compared to the rest of the day, and Worsens during exercise, coughing, or changing body position then there should be strong suspicion of a brain tumor. Moreover, if the headache is getting worse over time, see your doctor as soon as possible. Also, it is important to differentiate a headache from a brain tumor from that of migraine. One very important rule that you can use is the association with light and sound. If the headache gets worse by increasing the intensity of light or sound, then it's a migraine headache.

2. Seizures

Seizures are the presenting, and mostly the first sign of a brain tumor in up to 50% of the cases. Seizures in a person, without any prior episode in his life, should raise suspicion. They are caused when a brain tumor presses upon a nerve inside the brain.

3. Numbness in the arms or legs

Numbness is normal if you sit or stand for a long time, especially in an inappropriate position. But a numbness that develops gradually over time, is presistent, and involves only one side of your body, is a strong suggestion of a brain tumor.

4. Problem with walking

The human brain performs a lot of funtions including maintaining the balance while walking. The part of the brain which is involved in performing this important task in the cerebellum. If a brain tumor involves the cerebellum, it becomes difficult to walk and balance the body with the changing conditions.

5. Getting fatigued more often

A person suffering from a brain tumor feels exhausted all the time because most of his energy is consumed in fighting cancer, spreading inside of his body. Fatigue can also be because of certain other health conditions like iron dificiency, but fatigue related to brain tumor differs greatly in intensity. You might fall asleep in the middle of the day even if you had a long good night's sleep. Due to this fatigue, the ability to concentrate becomses greatly affected and if becomes difficult to focus on anything for a longer period.

6. Personality changes

Personlaity changes include unexplained mood swings, increased aggresiveness, and getting irritated more easily. The most common being the unexplained mood swings. The reasoning behind this is the hormonal changes being cause by thr brain tumor. Most of hormones are controlled by a tiny structure inside the brain called the pituitary gland. If a brain tumor involves the pituitary gland, hormonal imbalance, and hence, personality changes are sure to follow.

7. Short team memory loss

Forgetting things as you age is common because of the brain atrophy related to age. It's normal and it is called "Senile dementia". But if it is happening at an early age, it should ring the warning bells.

So there were thhe warnings of brain tumor you should be looking for. Remember, if a brain tumor is diagnosed at an early stage and treated accordingly, there are more chances of survival.

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