Ronnie Liang naglabas ng saloobin matapos patawan ng suspension ang Its Showtime

Naglabas ng kanyang prangkang saloobin si Ronnie Liang kaugnay sa pagpataw ng 12 day suspension ng MTRCB laban sa Its Showtime. 

Ronnie Liang naglabas ng saloobin matapos patawan ng suspension ang Its Showtime

Ito ay dahil sa umano sa mga natanggap nila na reklamo sa nasabing show. Sabi ni Ronnie sa kanyang 'X' post:


"The MTRCB, as the regulatory body, should give clear and consistent guidelines or parameters for acceptable content. In this case, they quickly suspended Showtime because Vice Ganda was seen licking icing off his co-host and partner Ion Perez's fingers. However, there were similar or worse situations on other shows that were not addressed with the same urgency or attention. This inconsistency raises questions about their decision-making. Parang selective justice. Sorry po, pero ganun ang impression.

"Chair Lala Sotto's ties to a rival show of Showtime have sparked concerns about fairness within the board. Even though Chair Sotto claimed to have abstained from the suspension order, her presence as the head of the MTRCB and her close family connections to the showbiz industry cast doubt. It's like having a referee in a basketball game who's best friends with one of the players – it just doesn't feel right. People expect regulatory bodies to be impartial. Kapag may koneksyon ka sa industriya na nireregulate mo at kapamilya mo mismo, mahirap para sa iba na tingnan ka na neutral. ✌️uli.

"If conflicts of interest persist and the public sees the MTRCB as being affected by personal relationships, it could tarnish the board's reputation and credibility. They must be perceived as fair and trustworthy. I have no personal issues with Chair Sotto, but someone else should lead the MTRCB. Clarity, consistency, and avoiding conflicts of interest will help maintain the MTRCB's reputation and prevent public backlash"

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