Elijah Canlas kinumpirmang hiwalay na sila ni Miles Ocampo


Photos: @milesocampo/instagram

Kinumpirma na ng "Senior High" star na si Elijah Canlas na hiwalay na sila ng E.A.T. host na si  Miles Ocampo.


Inamin ito ng actor sa panayam ng ABSCBN New sa kanya: “We ran into a rough patch recently mainly because we’re going through our own personal stuff. It’s been hard, we’re figuring things out"

“I’m always going to have love for her, I’m always going to support her in whatever she does. And I’ll always be her number one fan basically.” sabi pa ng actor


“But right now, we’re just taking our time figuring out ourselves and our lives right now,”dagdag pa ng Senior High star

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