Andrew Schimmer proud na ipinakilala ang kanyang girlfriend sa publiko


Photo Credits: John Andrew Schimmer (Facebook)

Proud na ipinakilala ni Andrew Schimmer ang kanyang girlfriend sa publiko isang taon matapos pumanaw ang kanyang asawa. Matatandaan na noong December 2022 pumanaw ang asawa ni Andrew.


Sa kanyang post sa facebook, ngayong araw ay ibinahagi niya ang sweet na larawan nila ni "Dimps M Greenvilla" kanyang girlfriend. Kasabay ng kanyang post ang sweet na caption.

"I never thought this day would come... You restored me... Slowly put me back together.You took away all the pain...and gave me something,That made me love the world again.I was in total chaos and darkness before you found me..."sabi niya


"You brought back the strength in my heart,And lightened up my darkness from within...I know for some people this is too rush,But if you will allow me...I want to spend the rest of my life with you... Loving you and taking care of you and our children is now my next mission in life.You gave me something really really great... "HOPE."dagdag pa nito 

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