Head ng Dreamscape Entertainment na si Deo Endrinal pumanaw na


Pumanaw na ang Head ng Dreamescape Entertainment na si Deo Endrinal sa edad na 60. Kinumpirma ito ng kanyang anak na si PJ Endrinal sa social media post nito.


Mababasa sa kanyang post ang sumusunod:

"This has to be the hardest caption that I will ever post.

Thank you daddy for everything, you have been the best father not just to me but to everyone that has known you. We will always remember how fortunate we are that you were in our lives.


This will definitely be a hole in my heart and will leave a scar; but I know that you’re finally free from pain and now happily dancing in heaven cause you’ll definitely be the life of the party up there.

We might be grieving now but instead of the sadness we should be celebrating the life you lived and shared with us and for that we’ll always be grateful.

For now, Rest in Paradise Daddy,

I love you so so much."

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