Kathryn Bernardo ibinahagi ang masayang experience sa pagtravel niya ng mag-isa; Jericho Rosales nagreact


Photo Courtesy: @bernardokath/instagram

Ibinahagi ng kapamilya actress na si Kathryn Bernardo ang kanyang masayang experience sa pagtravel niya ng mag-isa sa ibang bansa.


Sa kanyang post sa instagram ay ibinahagi niya ang ilang mga nangari sa pagbiya niya mag-isa. Kwento ni Kathryn base narin sa kanyang ipinost na picture:

"Pic 1: First time to travel alone!

Pic 2: Look who picked me up from the airport. I missed you, dsnts!! 😋

Pic 3: Where most of the catching-up happened 🛋️

Pic 4: Worked out the next day (as promised @lulumromero)


Pic 5: Bought some “healthy”snacks from the grocery (who are we?!)

Pic 6: No electricity for almost an entire day..😂 that was so random.

Pic 7: Saw some kangaroos within the neighborhood

Pic 8: Finally met the beautiful people they consider family here!

Pic 9: Had a sumptuous Japanese meal prepared by Tito Alex

Pic 10: He gave each one of us a rose for valentine’s day "

Kapansin-pansin naman sa comment section ng kanyang post ang naging reaction nin Jericho Rosales. Ayon kay Jericho: "You go girl. Proudaya" 

Photo Courtesy: @bernardokath/instagram

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