Jake Ejercito di mapigilang maging emosyonal sa kanyang eulogy para kay Jaclyn Jose


Talagang di mapigilang maging emosyonal ni Jake Ejercito sa kanyang eulogy para sa yumaong si Jaclyn Jose.


Sabi ni Jake base sa video na ibinahagi ng X user na may user name na @@unoupdates: 

"...of my life, she was Tita Jaclyn. One of the many titas who would share a table with my mom at the countless children's parties we would attend each year. I don't remember interacting with her that much aside from the usual beso, she was just that Tita who appeared with a facial burn on TV and that Tita who had a daughter who looked like a doll and almost never spoke. After many years of not seeing each other, her daughter and I would again cross paths, that's when I got to know her more and when she became Tita Jane to me."sabi ni Jake 


"She was indulgent, fun, and as we usually put it 'cowboy.' She would at times join Andi and I on our dates to the movies, to Fully Booked and to restaurants. She'd always cook for me whenever I visited and we would bond over our love for Michael Jackson and interest in politics much to Andi's annoyance."dagdag pa niya 

"Nevertheless, I still felt the need to impress Tita Jane, mas niligawan ko pa ata siya kaysa anak niya. And by God's grace, a few months later, that daughter of hers who looked like a doll and almost never spoke, became the mother of my daughter, Ellie, and boy was Tita Jane the happiest. It wasn't exactly a smooth sailing pregnancy showbiz-wise but being a nanay to Ellie seemed like the best thing that ever happened to Tita. Ellie was her pride and joy. Ellie became her life."

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