Kapatid ni Ricardo Cepeda humingi ng donasyon para sa legal expenses ng actor


Photo Courtesy: gofundme.com

Humingi na ng donasyon ang kapatid ni Ricardo Cepeda na si Robert Go para sa legal expenses ng actor tungkol sa kinaharap nitong kaso.


Isang GoFundMe page ang sinimulan ni Robert upang makalikom ng USD30,000 o PHP1,680,825. As of this writing March 2, ay nakalikom na sila ng USD 6,813.

Matatandaan na noong October 2023 ay inaresto si Ricardo sa Caloocan City sa bisa ng warrant or arrest dahil sa 43 counts of syndicated estafa. Non-bailable ang kasong kinahaharap ng aktor.

Narito ang inilabas na pahayag ng kakambal ni Ricardo:


On October 7, 2023, my fraternal twin brother, Ricardo, a cherished actor known by his screen name Ricardo Cepeda, was taken into custody under wrongful charges of syndicated estafa. It's crucial to underscore his innocence, as he was wrongly linked to the company at fault due to a brief stint as a celebrity endorser. In this role, under his screen name, Ricardo had no awareness of the company's financial intricacies and no direct involvement in business decisions or investments.

**Unjust Accusations:**

Ricardo's role as an endorser, limited to promoting select products, has unfairly positioned him as the face associated with the company's wrongdoing. Despite his lack of reason to hide, authorities detained him, adding an undeserved layer of difficulty to his situation.

**Family and Financial Strain:**

Beyond being a passionate actor, Ricardo is my fraternal twin, a devoted father, brother, and friend. United, we feel the weight of the burden he carries. The accusations have not only taken an emotional toll but have also led to significant financial strain. Since October, Ricardo had to abandon projects, and has exhausted all his savings and no longer has income. As he remains in custody in the Philippines until now, with no definite sign that he will be given his day in court, the mounting legal fees further exacerbate his financial challenges and driving him deeper in debt.

**Family Struggle:**

The situation is compounded by our family's struggles, with our mother needing a triple cardiac bypass and our father recently experiencing a fall. Ricardo's wife, Marina Benipayo, an accomplished actress, despite her own challenges, works tirelessly to support the family on her own and doing her best to keep the household going. Additionally, Ricardo has two adult daughters, two stepsons and a step-grandson, all affected by this distressing situation.

**Why We Need Your Help:**

While the truth stands firmly on Ric’s side, we await the court hearing that will allow him to prove his innocence. With his means of income on indefinite pause, we've initiated this GoFundMe campaign in the hope that others may assist during this trying time.

**Our Hope and Gratitude:**

We cling to hope that the charges will be rightfully dropped, and Ricardo is released soon. If you know Ric, you know he is a kind, honest, hardworking, and compassionate man who despite this injustice, continues to have faith and is grateful for the kindness and concern he has received. We appreciate your time, prayers, and any contribution to this fund. Your support, whether financial or through kind words and sharing, will help us spread the word for #JusticeForRicardo and #RallyForRic #BringRicardoHome

 **Thank you for standing with us. Every bit helps, and together, we can bring Ricardo home.**"

Sa mga gustong magbigay ng kanilang donasyon. Narito ang link: https://www.gofundme.com/f/rally-for-ric-unjustly-accused-urgently-in-need

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