Beteranang aktres na si Eva Darren nabastos sa FAMAS?; Anak galit na naglabas ng saloobin


Photo Courtesy: Fernando de la Pena/Facebook

Naglabas ng kanyang sama ng loob ang anak ng beteranang actress Eva Darren na si Fernando de la Pena dahil sa umanoy pambabatos ng mga opisyal ng Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences (FAMAS) Awards sa kanyang ina.


Inilabas ni Fernando ang kanyang saloobin sa kanyang post sa Facebook nito lamang May 27. Naganap ang FAMAS Awards noong May 26.

Kwento niya:  “A couple of months ago, she received a notice of invitation for the FAMAS awards night […] She was also given a script to go over and memorize as an awards presenter coupled with another veteran actor, Mr. Tirso Cruz III.” 

“Mom was excited, bought the best dress and pair of heels she could afford and topped that with a nice package of hair and make up for the gala. During the event, she brought along three of her very proud grandkids. With a price tag of P5,000 ($90) per plate for four people, needless to say, it was not a cheap evening. It was all worth it though,” saad niya.


“Being the true professional that my mother is, she memorized and rehearsed her script to perfection, braved the downpour of a Signal No. 1 Typhoon warning and drove to the Manila Hotel,” aniya.

Ngunit sa halip na si Eva ang umakyat sa stage ay isa umanong singer ang kasama ni Tirso para maging awards presenter. Wala man lang umanong paliwanag mula sa PR office ng FAMAS hinggil sa nangyari.

“My Mom said ‘it’s okay’ but decided to leave nonetheless. I couldn’t blame her. Staying around was just rubbing salt on her FAMAS-inflicted wounds. You would think and assume that a ’prestigious award-giving body’ who had been doing the same thing every year, over and over without fail, would have mastered their craft after 72 years. But no, not this entity,”sabi ni Fernando

 “To all of you people behind FAMAS, you cannot do this to an icon of Philippine Cinema! It is RUDE… It is DISRESPECTFUL… It is UNETHICAL… it is UNPROFESSIONAL to say the very least!!!”dagdag pa nito 

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