Anak ni Ricardo Cepeda naglabas ng saloobin sa pagkakakulong ng kanyang ama


Naglabas na ng saloobin ang anak ng actor na si Ricaedo Cepeda na si Joshua de Sequera sa pagkakakulong ng kanyang ama dahil sa kasong syndicated estafa.

Photo Courtesy on Facebook: Joshua de Sequera

Sa kanyang post sa Facebook ay inilahad niya na umanoy "wrongfully accused" ang kanyang ama.


"My Father Richard Cepeda Go was wrongfully accused. He was simply the product endorser of a sales company. They used the title BRAND AMBASSADOR (which many companies also use). The company offered an investment scheme (which he had no knowledge nor participation of) which paid people a big % profit monthly. Guaranteed with advanced payouts in monthly postdated checks. Eventually the checks started bouncing so the investors filed estafa cases against everyone who they thought was part of the company."sabi niya

"Including Ricardo -who was just the celebrity model. His lawyer can easily prove his innocence by presenting a copy of DTI showing the company is a sole proprietorship and his name is not there. Also his name appears nowhere on any of the said investment moas and post dated checks. Request for bail and if ever court date is his biggest hassle because it means he's stuck in detainment even though he's innocent. "dagdag pa niya 


May mensahe rin siya sa mga netizens na nagkomento ng hindi maganda laban sa kanyang ama kahit hindi alam ang buong istorya.

"I have seen a lot of hateful comments about this. IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT REALLY HAPPENED KEEP YOUR COMMENTS TO YOURSELF."sabi niya 

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