John Arcilla dinepensahan ang hosting performance ni Jo Koy sa Golden Globes 2024


Dinepensahan ng award winning actor na si John Arcilla ang naging hosting perfomarnce ng Fil-Am comedian na si Jo Koy sa naganap kamakailan sa 2024 Golden Globes na ginanap sa The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California na kusing nakatanggap ito ng negative reviews.


“I am not a fan of Jo Koy or lets say I was never a fan of stand up comedy acts at all but as a Filipino Actor I was and still undeniably am proud when Jo Koy was chosen to Host the Golden Globe Awards."panimula ni John sa kanyang instagram post

“Filipinos have arrived on the MAINSTREAM AMERICA, that’s how it looked like no more no less so It is a Proud moment. But then a lot of unfavorable vibes plaqued the social media about last night and I think they were over the top. I have watched many Golden Globe Awards on Videos and they have the usual roastings of Guest Actors and Nominees which made me really feel that JO KOY’s stint was NOT BAD nor totally Flat at all."dagdag pa niya 


“Well He’s maybe a Little apologetic at times which I think saved some of the “uncomfortable” moments but He was able to Pull it off. I think Robert De Niro was very sincere laughing at Jo Koy’s jokes and Meryl was genuinely cooperative, which made me RESPECT Her more, to a triple take joke when He made fun of Himself pretending not being too familiar with ALL Meryl’s roles and who would anyway? but that moment also made Him want to prove that A Meryl Streep can make Pop Culture phrase into something Quintessential Merryl, as a triple take prep for Angela Basset’s entrance - I think that was a sensible moment if not Brilliant. It showed respect to two great women in the Industry at once, and a quick make fun of a comedian on his familiarity with Meryl’s work."sabi pa ng award winning actor 

“As a Filipino, it was not bad at all, and forget the 10 day prep, because here in the Philippines you get the script a day before or on the day itself, Let’s just keep our eye on the feedbacks and wonder why no one is available to do the gig. But then it is just how I saw it at the end of the day.” aniya pa

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