Dominic Roque naglabas na ng opisyal na pahayag laban sa mga alegasyon ni Cristy Fermin


Photo Courtesy: @dominicroque/instagram-Showbiz Now Na/Youtube

Nagbalabas narin sa wakas ng opisyal na pahayag ang actor na si Dominic Roque laban sa mga alegasyon ni Cristy Fermin laban sa actor.


 Sa pamamagitan ng Fernandez & Singson law offices inihayag ng actor ang kanyang panig sa mga alegasyon ni Fermin.

"We strongly condemn the malicious and defamatory public statements of Ms. Fermin," sabi sa pahayag ni Dominic 

Sa naturang pahayag ay binigyang linaw ni Dominique ang naging pahayag ni Fermin tungkol umano sa pagka-involved ng actor sa isang politiko.


"In her vlog, Ms. Fermin made malicious defamatory innuendos. These innuendoes alluded that Mr. Dominic Roque has a benefactor who is a politician and that this politician is the owner of the condominium unit where he currently resides. The messaging of the innuendos were clear and unambiguous. In fact, the malicious and baseless innuendos were quickly picked up by social media netizens, several of whom even uploaded a photo of Dapitan City Mayor Bullet Jalosjos, without his knowledge and consent. There is absolutely no truth to these malicious innuendos. Mr. Dominic Roque is a longtime friend of Mayor Bullet Jalosjos and is leasing the unit owned by Mayor Jalosjos. He is embarrassed and apologizes to Mayor Bullet Jalosjos and his family for being dragged into the public conversation because of the malicious defamatory public innuendos of Ms. Fermin." sabi sa statement ni Roque 

"In a separate vlog, Ms. Fermin made a malicious defamatory statement that former Congressman Bong Suntay is one of the suspected benefactors of Mr. Dominic Roque. By making such a statement, Ms. Fermin made the innuendo that unreasonably casts doubt on the sexuality of former Congressman Bong Suntay. Again, Mr. Roque would like to apologize to former Congressman Bong Suntay and his family for the embarrassment caused by the deplorable innuendos made by Ms. Fermin. Furthermore, Mr. Dominic Roque does not own a Clean Fuel gas station; in fact, all Clean Fuel gas stations are company-owned." sabi pa nito 

Binigyang linaw din ni Dominic ang tungkol sa tsismis kung bakit naudlot ang prenup nila ni Bea Alonzo.

"Finally, to set the record straight, Mr. Dominic Roque and Ms. Bea Alonzo never fought nor had a disagreement over a pre-nuptial agreement. Reckless statements relating to the alleged disagreement over a pre-nuptial agreement between them are, not only unverified, but merely based on speculations intended to produce a negative image on the parties concerned."sabi pa ni Roque 

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