Kristine Hermosa buntis sa ika-6 na baby nila ni Oyo Sotto sa edad na 40


Photo Courtesy: @khsotto/instagram

Inanunsyo ng actress na si Kristine Hermosa na siya ngayon ay buntis sa ika-6 na baby nila ng actor na si Oyo Sotto sa edad na 40.


Sa kanyang post sa instagram ay masayang ibinahagi ni Kristine ang magandang balitang ito sa kanyang mga followers.

Narito ang kanyang buong post:

"I have never doubted Gods power and faithfulness in my life —- I may at times feel discouraged but I always have a strong sense of security that only God gives — I know He’s got our backs all the time.


To be honest, I was hopeful but never really expected He would bless us with children.. like.. lots of them and another one on the way.. 

Funny as it may seem, but I still get those butterflies evertime I see double lines on the PT, kahit pa na ang dami na nila, parang laging 1st time.. ibat ibang level ng overwhelming emotions each stage of every pregnancy. ☺️ ibang level din when you can already see and hear the heartbeat

Iba lang talaga ang peace and joy pag galing kay God

One things for certain, we really cannot limit God’s power.. even how impossible it may seem —- God’s plans will always come into completion whether we like or not. 😉 akala ko noon, last na si Isaac… ngayon, hindi ko na talaga alam kay God.. 

I praise the Lord for whatever plan He has for me and my super growing family—-  after all He is my creator, my Lord and saviour, my provider, my peace & joy, my eternal hope & ultimately my heavenly Father… 

I am His. He definitely knows best and I know how much He loves me and you.  Keep on believing!"

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