Liza Soberano nag-open up tungkol sa connection nila ng yumaong si AJ Perez


Photo Courtesy: @lizasoberano/instagram

Nag-open up ang actress na si Liza Soberano tungkol sa naging connection nila noon ng yumaong actor na si Aj Perez.


Naibahagi ito ng actress sa Youtube channel na One Down hosted by Tessa Albea. Matatandaan na si Aj ay pumanaw noong 2011 sa edad na 18 dahil sa isang aksidente.

"So I was a huge fan of AJ Perez 'cause I have watched him in this one teleserye called Sabel. And it was very unfortunate that he passed away." kwento ni Liza 

"And that was the reason why I created my Twitter because I wanted to have some sort of memory of him, so I followed him." dagdag  pa niya 


"It was strange because I started receiving messages from him after he had passed away and first, I was scared of, like, checking it because I was like, ‘what’s going on? And then eventually, I came to it and then I checked the message. It was messages from his family, but it was always very scary when I would receive notifications from AJ Perez,”sabi pa ni Liza 

Naging magkaibigan rin umano sila Liza at kapatid ni Aj na si Gelo: "But, yeah, I became friends with his younger brother, Gelo, and his family. Eventually, I was introduced to them." 

Kwento pa ni Liza: "The day he passed away, I was on my way –’cause I lived in Pangasinan at that time and I actually passed by his accident and that was the day that I auditioned for the first time ever to be like an artista. “It was crazy. I didn’t know it was him. There’s an ABS-CBN van and it was, like, smashed.” 

"And then I get to my VTR, and then my road manager at the time, he was like, ‘namatay si AJ Perez’. I was like, ‘No! He can’t be dead, it’s not real!’ And then I started crying and I was like, ‘I wanna go to his wake.’ And then my family was like, ‘he doesn’t know you.’” sabi pa ng actress

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