Andi Eigenmann palaban na sinagot ang basher na umanoy nagpanggap lang siya na malungkot sa pagpanaw ng kanyang ina


Palaban na sinagot ng dating actress na si Andi Eigenmann ang basher na nagsasabing nagpanggap lang umano siya na malungkot sa pagpanaw ng kanyang inang si Jaclyn Jose.


Matatandaan na pumanaw si Jaclyn sa edad na 60 noong Marso 3, 2024.

"The internet didn't seem to like that I was grieving the loss of my nanay. Apparently, according to them, I had been faking my sadness about it all along. (Not enough social media posts perhaps?) "sabi ni Andi sa kanyang instagram stories 


"Due to this, the Internet has decided that the reason for my sadness is not that I have recently been an orphan but in fact, a divorcee (even if I had never been married.) Helpppppp" dagdag pa ni Andi 

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